Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


1. Consent

By submitting personal data, the User gives consent that all personal data he submits shall be processed by the Administrator in the manner and for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. The consent is given at the time the registration is confirmed. Such consent is given before the termination of the legal relations of the User with JumboSell. The User gives consent to processing of his personal data, including any action or combination of actions, such as collection, registration, accumulation, storage, adaptation, alteration, recovery, use and distribution (sale, transfer), depersonalization, destruction of personal data, as well as including the use of information (automated) systems. Database of personal data of Users of the App has been registered in the manner prescribed by the laws.

The User also gives consent to other actions that the Administrator may perform with Users' personal data in an electronic or another form, including, but not limited to, the following personal data:

  • Name and surname;
  • Email address, contact phone number, other contact information;
  • Information on product, that is sold within the App;
  • Information on purchases;
  • Messages, letters, inquiries being sent by Users to JumboSell and other Users within the App.

Personal data is processed with the purpose:

  • to provide sale and purchase of Products on the App and ensure communication between counterparties to handle a transaction within the App;
  • to protect Sellers from misconduct of dishonest Users, particularly fraud;
  • to collect statistic information on the App performance and use it for processing and introduction of new services;
  • to provide timely and high-quality support, communicate with Users;
  • to inform Users on the terms of service provision and changes in service and performance of the App.

2. JumboSell Policy

JumboSell pays great attention to maintaining information privacy of its Users. The Administrator guarantees the security of data that Users provide JumboSell with. This data is protected from access of unauthorized persons. JumboSell guarantees that User rights will not be violated.

3. User Data Collection

Users may use the App services by providing information on their personal data. Users provide information required by the App themselves using software tools in order to get access to their accounts and all available services. Information stored by the system, e.g. IP addresses and geodata, according to the general rules of Internet messaging is used by the App for technical purposes related to server administration. In addition to that, IP addresses and geodata are used in order to receive general, statistic, demographic information (for instance, about the region of connection). JumboSell stores recent data of User access to the system to provide high-quality services adapted for Users' individual needs and interests.

In some cases, authentication and individual access to services are based on data from recent access to the system. Data of recent access to the system is used in order to collect general statistic information on the use of our services by Users. According to this Policy, personal data of Users is being stored by the App during the whole service period or up to the time when the User deletes his account.

JumboSell shall by no means receive data on racial or ethnic origin, political and religious beliefs or philosophical convictions, membership of political parties, trade unions and data connected with Users health or sexual activity and not responsible for disclosure of information by Users within the App. The registration form requires the User to indicate contact information and personal data. Contact information contained in the registration form is used in order to communicate with Users and inform them of new purchases, sales, chat messages, new services, promotions, etc. The User may refuse to receive such information at any time.

4. Rights of Users and Subjects of Personal Data

Users have rights to:

  • know about location of database of personal data of Users of the App, its purpose, title, location of the owner and personal data controller or request authorized persons of the service to receive such information except in the circumstances specified by law;
  • receive information on the terms of providing access to personal data.
  • have access to their personal data;
  • not later than 30 days after the request, except in the circumstances specified by law, receive response on how personal data of Users is stored in database and content of persona data;
  • in a reasonable way require from personal data owner to forbid data processing;
  • in a reasonable way require to change or delete personal data by the owner and/or personal data controller in the event that personal data is invalid or processed illegally;
  • the right to personal data protection against unlawful processing and accidental loss, destruction, damage due to deliberate intent to hide, failure to provide it or its untimely provision, as well as the right to protection of information disclosure that is unreliable or discrediting the honor, dignity and business reputation;
  • withdraw consent to the personal data processing.

5. Disclosure

According to the data access mode, personal data, except for non-personal data, is considered as limited access information. JumboSell may sometimes disclose some of the data to third parties for purposes connected with the legitimate rights of other individuals, including state authorities, but only with the written inquiry (or based on a cooperation agreement with JumboSell in this regard). An individual, a company or an establishment that files such inquiry is obliged to produce evidence documents, which confirm a violation of rights. Non-personal data may be used for historical, statistical or scientific purposes. The use of non-personal data does not require a consent from the User.

6. Security

JumboSell guarantees the security of personal data. Our security system protects data from unauthorized access of third parties. We implement measures aimed at protecting database of Users by restricting access to it. Only a few appointed representatives of JumboSell have access to the database.

7. Deleting User's Data

The user may delete his Account that has been created within the App at any time. JumboSell guarantees their Users to delete their personal data from the database, except for cases established by law, in order to protect rights and freedoms of individuals whose personal data is processed, or rights of other subjects of relations, connected with personal data, as well as to fight against crime.

8. Changing/Modifying Data

JumboSell allows Users to change personal information that was indicated earlier by using ‘Edit Profile’ option.

9. Nondisclosure

Users of JumboSell shall not disclose information about other Users, which became known to them during the use of the App. For unauthorized disclosure of such information or other illegal activities with it, Users bear responsibility. Disclosure/ transmission of information about other Users to individuals that are directly connected with the proper implementation of obligations by the parties (employees of the parties, finance, post offices, etc.) upon the condition of compliance with the law on personal data protection by such individuals is not considered illegal.

10. Liaising with the Customer Service

If the User has any questions as for confidentiality principle, personal data processing and methods used on JumboSell, he may contact the Customer Service at

If the User considers that his content that is under copyright law was posted on JumboSell without his consent, the User may report a claim of copyright infringement. Such claim shall be sent only by the copyright owner or a representative authorized to act on behalf of the owner. The quickest and easiest way to inform JumboSell on the assumed copyright infringement is to send an email at