Sell fast, buy easy
We are here to facilitate a platform for you to sell or buy stuff from your smartphone. A simple, personal and easy way to get or sell those items you always wanted to. Welcome to a new kind of market for everyone. Welcome to JumboSell.
Sell it fast

All you need is simply take a picture with your smartphone and JumboSell will do the rest.

Create any number of listings without wasting your time on filling out lots of unnecessary fields. It will take you at least 15-20 seconds to create a listing.

Want your friends on social media to know about the items you sell? It's as easy as pie. Just tap once on your smartphone screen and your listing will be shared on social media accounts. This means that hundreds of potential buyers will notice your item.

Choose buyers who are pleasant to communicate with and offer more attractive price. All your earnings are yours only. JumboSell is totally free app. No hidden commissions and fees.

Buy it easy

Filters and the search bar will help you buy and pick up desired items near your office or home. Forget about shipping, JumboSell helps find items you’re looking for just in your region or in the house you live in.

Get in touch with the seller and arrange a meeting. Pay for the item upon pickup as you can check it over. Thus, you’ll be aware of what you’re paying for and save money on shipping and bank’s fees.

We want you to spend less time on online-shopping as this may take you much time to buy stuff. The time you spend with your loved ones or doing your favorite things is much more precious.

Buy and sell with Smart Chat!

Smart-Chat helps you discuss items, negotiate the price and a meeting place really fast. You don’t have to waste your time on writing long messages – just use ready-made questions and answers that the Chat offers you. Within the Smart-Chat the buyer may offer the price, and the seller may accept it if he is happy with it. Everything is simple and easy.

Wanna quickly discuss the details of the item?

Forget about phone calls. Message the seller when you get a minute. You will be immediately notified about a new message through push notification.

Rate the seller

We take care of security and quality of purchase made on JumboSell and it means that every buyer after the purchase has been made can rate the seller and express opinion on his services and the item bought.

Now, leaving feedback means you don’t have to write standard comments. You can simply upload a picture, take a photo of the item or even take a selfie and record a short video. Let your feedbacks be different and unique!

Before buying some stuff you may review feedbacks on the seller left by other users. It will help you find a reliable and responsible seller. And you’ll be happy with the deal.

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